Local shooting club to host Olympians


Laura Tyler said she is aiming to promote the sport of shooting by hosting two Olympic shooters Saturday in Craig.

Beki Snyder and Christian Cassidy, who represented the U.S. at the Sydney, Australia Olympics, will fire along side Craig residents at the Centennial Mall Saturday as a way to get more locals involved in the sport.

Tyler, an international shooting coach herself, and local shooting coach John Jepkema have invited Olympic shooters in the past but usually for local competitions.

"Really it is to publicize the sport more than anything else," Jepkema said. "But it's also to bring role models to Craig because Beki and Christian are role models."

"Shoot with an Olympian" will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Junior Olympic Airgun Range across from Beef and Peppers restaurant.

The Bears Ears Sportsman Club sponsors the event and will provide all equipment necessary.

The Centennial Mall has been home to the air-pistol range for sometime now. Previously marksmen made the Craig Armory their home until being forced out. Soon they'll move again, with the weather becoming warmer, to the outdoor range at Cedar Mountain.

With the move and the hopeful stir created by the Olympians, Jepkema said he hopes for an increase in numbers this summer.

"We're hoping the Olympians will get some more shooters involved with the program especially the younger ones," he said.

"All it takes to get involved is the strength to hold a pistol with one arm and a parent's permission if the kids are young."

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