Intermediate school students get a jump on health


Under the tutelage of physical education teacher Ann Stehlin, jump rope met science and philanthropy for the first time at Craig Intermediate School.

For the past month the children of the intermediate school have been jumping rope for the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart.

The program is a combination of physical education, science class and fund-raising.

While keeping up their cardiovascular fitness the intermediate school children learned what needs to be done throughout life to stay healthy through a number of science classes that focused on health and the heart.

The children also worked to not only improve their own well-being but others by raising money for the American Heart Association by soliciting monetary sponsorships throughout Craig.

Of the 400-some intermediate school children, 54 raised $3,780 $200 of which will be re-donated by the association to the intermediate school for physical education supplies.

Sixth-grader Cassie Campbell raised the most money of the 54 students who participated in the event. Campbell collecting $300 dollars through her sponsors.

"It's a great program and is extremely important," Stehlin said. "Not only are the kids raising money for a good cause but they're also learning how to live a healthier and longer life."

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