County adopts voucher system for drop-off days

Commissioners say new system to get rid of junk will be more convenient for residents


Moffat County landowners will have one free day of their choice to drop off trash at the landfill this summer.

The Moffat County commissioners on Friday approved a voucher system instead of designated free landfill days.

Under the new system people will be required to pick up a voucher at the Moffat County Planning Department.

With the voucher they have one free day of their choice to take trash to the landfill as many times as they want.

The voucher is good in June, July and August.

"This is a result of last year's research on adopting a junk ordinance," Moffat County Planning Director Sue Graler said. "We're going to try it this summer and then re-evaluate next fall."

Residents need to come to the Moffat County Planning Department with identification and verification will be made that they own land in Moffat County. At that time they will be issued a voucher.

"We feel if someone's a renter, the landlord should provide them with means of getting rid of their junk," Graler said. "If we don't have a way of verifying they're a landowner in Moffat County we could have people coming from other counties requesting vouchers."

Once people have their vouchers, they are free to make as many trips as they want to the landfill on the day the voucher is good for.

"We didn't want the community to say we're taking away their free days," Graler said. "This provides people a better way to use the landfill than offering free days."

Previously free landfill days would be offered during Craig Clean-up Week, but this often resulted in overcrowding on the days designated, Graler said.

"There was a problem with long lines and traffic," she said. "Now people can go whenever the landfill is open. This provides better customer service."

Kandy Kropinak, who was a Junk Ordinance Advisory Board member, said the board made the recommendation to develop a voucher system because designating free drop-off days was not always convenient for people.

"In discussions we learned that people don't take advantage of the free drop-off days because it might be raining on the days designated," she said. "We're trying to encourage people to clean up their places so we're trying to make it as convenient for them as possible."

She said it's the first step in the process to try and clean up the community.

"It's just the beginning to the solution, but I think it's a step in the right direction," she said. "We need to try and help people as much as we can."

Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos agreed the voucher system would be more convenient for people.

"The voucher system is a proactive step but is not punitive in any way," she said.

"The committee thought this would be the best way to provide free trash drop off in an orderly fashion."

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