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2002 Moffat County Budget nearing final approval

Moffat County Commissioners to host a budget hearing Friday at the courthouse for public input

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The Moffat County administration is closing in on the final numbers for the 2002 budget, and a public hearing on the budget will be held at Friday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. The hearing will take place at 11 a.m., and will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions or voice any opinions or concerns they may have about the budget.
The Commissioners have cut $266,000 out of their capital projects budget, $15,000 from the Youth Care Center and they will save $3.2 million over last year on the completion of the Public Safety Center. Despite the budget cuts though, the county plans to fall short of the $22.5 million it needs to cover its expenses next year. The county is planning to bring in $19.3 million in revenue next year but will make up the expense overage with $2.1 million in bond revenue.
“The budget is pretty much done,” said Debra Murray, Moffat County Administrative Services director. “We’re doing the final detail work, and nothing will probably change unless something else is brought up or we find a mistake. I think we have everything covered.”
Murray will be going over the budget to search for any mistakes, formula errors or omissions. She will also be reviewing the projections and estimates the budget is based upon, especially for the larger revenue streams.
The Commissioners set several budgeting goals for 2002, which helped guide the them and the county’s departments during the budget workshops. All of the goals were met the general fund will maintain a $2 million balance after expenses, and the Road and Bridge Department budget will maintain a $1.5 million reserve balance after expenses. In addition, all county employees will be receiving raises, Murray said.
Murray said she is still uncertain of what the total expense will be on the projected salary increases for 2002.
“The Commissioners number one priority for this budget was the county’s employees,” she said. “Other areas of the budget were looked at for cuts during the budget workshops. One of the most affected sections was capital requests for vehicles and large equipment.”
The county doesn’t plant to spend any money on capital improvements next year.
The 2002 expenses are projected at $22.5 million which doesn’t include the budgets for The Memorial Hospital, Social Services or Housing Authority all of which derive a large portion of their funding from private, state or federal sources, but whose entire budgets are listed in the county budget for accounting reasons. $22.5 million is a decrease in expenses from the $25 million spent in 2000 and $23.8 million expected expenses in 2001. The county has spent approximately $243,688 more than it expected in 2001.
“We are trying to become more efficient in the use of our resources, both with our employees and in our capital outlay,” Murray said.
The adoption of the 2002 budget is set for the Dec. 10 County Commissioners meeting which begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Courthouse.
The board will also:
Hear an Administration report, which will cover an update on the Indoor Arena final draft, a discussion of the proposed courthouse hours, and a review of the Moffat County jails projected revenue for 2002.
Review the findings concerning the proposed temporary winter road closures for County Roads 11, 27 and 38; discuss the Junk Ordinance Committee’s proposals, and hear a report on the Economic Development Committees progress.
Discuss issues concerning Craig Fire/Rescue with Tom Cotton.
Receive a public health update from the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association.
Discuss a 211 phone system with Audrey Danner of Yampa Valley Partners.
Host an interagency workshop to review the Northwest Colorado Working Landscape Trust.

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