Local's prayers go out to friend


To the Editor,

There's no way to imagine the hurt and suffering that the Parents, Family and Friends of the Eight University of Wyoming Students that were killed Sunday Morning are Feeling at this very moment.

With Gods grace I hope that I will never feel the anguish of such a tragedy. I have two sons of my own that are now just making it out into the world. These two are my heart and soul as the son's of these families are to them.

My heart and prayers go out to you.

Many of you know him and I need not have to tell you of Clint Haskins. As those families are grieving for their sons I grieve for Clint as you do. May it be in a different way, my heart hurts for him also. I'm sure, that before the accident, all the people that morn today would have been proud to be his friend. I have known him for years. He attended school with my children and visited my wife and me many times. You would have loved him as we do if the time and circumstances were different.

He was, and I know still is, a man of sincerity and pride. I don't know how he will ever be able to live with this. He is, I'm sure deep with remorse. I'm positive he would have taken the place of anyone of those that died Sunday morning. He would stand and let them take his life now, if it would heal the souls of those he has hurt, there would be no hesitation.

He may have been drinking before he went on that road, that night. I know he is not a drunk. What he is, is the victim of his own bad judgment. A good kid and an honest person who I know will face his own punishment and that that comes to him.

It is not the time for forgiveness; it is the time to be close to those that "Loved" the victims of this irreversible catastrophe. As time passes I only ask that you think of Clint and with God's help feel it in your heart to forgive him. He is a good person who will face and then pay forever for his mistake. Oh God please be forgiving.

Gary Linsacum

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