Wild world of little asked questions


Does Moffat County High School have a fight song?
If so, I've missed it, if not someone should write one. There's nothing quite as rabble-rousing as a crowd at full decibel singing a fight song, or the band backing them up.
Will the Bulldogs win their last game of the season Saturday?
A better question, does it really matter? They've already proven they're winners in the 2001 season. The team has faced the adversity of staying close in every game except for the one against Chaparral with 10 injured starters this season it should be success enough that they managed to get out of the locker room.
Take a look at how the Broncos are playing, and that's with one injured starter. So, I say congratulations to a hard fought season, Bulldogs.
Where are all the Bulldog injuries coming from?
It seems like a number were kind of freak accidents, or off hits which hit at the right spot. But 10 of them? It starts to look like a pattern to me.
So, where's the football for grown-ups?
If Craig can support a softball league, a hockey league, a basketball league and all the rest, why can't it support a football league?
This has been eating away at me for quite a while now. I don't know if it's ever been tried and it failed, or if no one has ever brought it up, but it seems to me that a recreational adult flag football league is sorely missing in our community.
I know that there's the Turkey Bowl in November, but one game is not enough. I say, if Steamboat Springs can support a league, so can Craig.
Is the worm turning for the Yankees after last night's win?
Well, I hope not. But if Curt Schilling or Randy Johnson gets the start in the next game, the worm will be on an express train straight to Brooklyn.
The stats on how a pitcher does after three-days rest in the world series reads like an obituary 9.7 average era to say the least.
Keep with the winning formula, and keep the rotation if you want to win Diamondbacks.
Will Michael Jordan average more than 30 points a game this season?
I won't even grace that with an answer, Jordan's getting enough press as is.
When are they going to get Dan Fouts off of Monday night football, and who should they replace him with?
Dennis Miller and Al Michaels' banter is like a doctoral dissertation on pro football, with humor, while Fouts points out shiny objects on the field. Come on ABC, get a winning program, get rid of Fouts.
As for who should replace him, well that I don't know. A number of football afficionados I know say Troy Aikman, I've never seen him call a game, but anyone is better than the third wheel they have now.
Do you have to wear your camo and safety orange in town when you're not hunting?
The answer to this question is a definite no, but why?
Last time I checked, camo and orange are quite fashionable in Northwest Colorado in the fall, but hay we'll know your a hunter if we see your cars licences plates are from Wisconsin. Go to your motel and change before walking around at lunch time there aren't any deer in town.

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