Safety Center turns up heat

Commissioners tour facility after employees report fluctuating temperatures


Daily Press writer
Machinery issues at the Moffat County Safety Center dominated the conversation at the latest Moffat County Board of County Commissioners meeting.
The Moffat County Commissioners, the Moffat County Maintenance Department Director, Lt. Dean Herndon of the Moffat County Sheriff's Office, Jim Robertson and the TCD, Inc. team that built the PSC recently toured the jail, discussing unresolved maintenance or machinery problems.
Before the tour, the Commissioners met with the TCD team to revue what had been repaired and/or resolved since their last meeting in August. The problems with the sliding doors in the jail and warranty and department punch card requests recorded during the move-in had been addressed, said Chris Perkins of TCD, Inc.
The biggest issue that is still unresolved is the fluctuating temperatures throughout the cell pods, master control room and offices of the jail, Herndon said.
"We've got the temperature cranked up to try and heat one of the pods, and we can't get that above 65 degrees. But in master control, its up to 80, 81 degrees," he said. "We're trying to keep [our deputies] up all night, but it's sweltering in master control, and that's just not going to work."
During the walk-through of the jail, Herndon pointed out the problems areas of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and the group discussed possible causes of the problem and solutions.
"With every new building, especially complex buildings, machinery will always be an issue," Dan Thomas, project coordinator for TCD, said. "As the building goes through its first seasons, new problems will arise. Some buildings don't function properly until almost a year after they are finished and all the machinery has been tweaked."
The most important issue, the temperature disparities, is now being researched, and could be something as simple as an adjustment of a defuser of the vent system to change the air flow direction, Robertson said.
"TCD will issue a request for information from the DLR group that designed the building on what to do," he said. "We'll get the architect involved, take their suggestions and evaluate what options are worked out."
Other problems discussed were the transfer switch failing to return to regular power from the generator after power is restored, a broken toilet in a cell, air vent maintenance, a roof leak, and kitchen appliance problems.
The toilet issue is a warranty situation, and TCD is talking with the manufacturer about the problem, Robertson said.
The final report on the total cost of the project should be available by mid-November, Robertson said.
The PSC opened its doors on July 19, and is the only facility of its type in Colorado. The building houses Colorado State Patrol Troop 4B, the Moffat County Sheriff's Office, the Craig Police Department, the Moffat County jail, and the Dispatch Center for all those departments plus other state departments for nine other counties. The jail is presently holding 58 prisoners.
In other business, the board:
Approved the preliminary sketch of the Taylor minor subdivision off of Round Bottom Road/Moffat County Road 30, with the stipulation that an easement is recorded for an access from Taylor Court south to County Road 30 before the final plat is submitted. The Commissioners also requested the Moffat County Planning Department discuss with the City of Craig its refusal to allow this proposed subdivision access to city water.
Authorized the Planning Department to organize and conduct a public meeting concerning County Road closures for this winter. County Roads 11, 27 and 38 have been designated for temporary road closure from Dec. 1 through March 1.
Approved the request from Christi and Charlie Cordova for the county to act as an agent for applying to the state for a right of way to create a road off of County Road 4.
Heard a report from Dan Davidson concerning the Museum of Northwest Colorado's mineral holdings. The Museum is continuing to work with Moffat County High School to map the Museum's holdings, and is expecting revenue from a well that has gone into production. The site is off of Highway 13 north of Craig, and managed by the Beartooth Oil and Gas Co.
Discussed the Tree of Life donation project, and what the project will be used to fund. The questions of where the tree will be located, and what entity will oversee the project are ones the Commissioners have asked to be looked into.

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