Council approves renaming field for Satterwhite

Woodbury Park field to be renamed "Jake's Field Walk it Off" for young man killed in August car accident


Daily Press writer
A young man who contributed his spirit to both family and friends will be remembered for just that, as Tuesday night the Craig City Council voted unanimously to rename Aspen Baseball Field "Jake's Field Walk it Off".
The field, located at Woodbury Park, will be renamed for the late Jake Satterwhite, who was killed in a car accident in Pueblo on Aug. 23, while attending the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.
An emotional Buddy Grinstead, Satterwhite's youth baseball coach, described to the Council how Jake's winning attitude both on and off the field could be an example to everyone.
"Jake was just a terrific young man," Grinstead said. "Losing him has been extremely tough on both his friends, and even me. It has been a real struggle on the team ... and it has been a real struggle for me as well. The team came up with this idea, and I think it is a great idea.
"I am not here as Sheriff tonight, but as a father and a coach," he said. "This was an individual that was way above average in the gifts he gave, and we feel strongly that he should be remembered for those."
The proposed field name, "Jake's Field Walk it Off", stems from a baseball saying that Satterwhite would often yell at teammates after a ground ball took a bad hop and hit them in the chest.
"'Walk it off', that was one of his favorite sayings," Grinstead said. "He would always end up yelling it to one of his teammates. After they looked over to see where that big, booming voice was coming from slowly a big smile would appear from under his baseball hat.
"That's one of the things that we are going to miss most."
Sixteen people attended the Council meeting to show support for the field renaming, with each one standing up, introducing themselves and telling how they knew Satterwhite.
"I would like to commend you Buddy, as well as all of you young men for doing something in memory of your friend," Councilor Kent Nielsen said. "A lot of people would just sit back if something like this happened, but you guys went out and did something. For that you should be commended."
Mayor Dave DeRose, who was late for the meeting after taking his own youth football team out for pizza after their last game, agreed with Nielsen.
"Every year, there are always a couple of kids on the team that really show progress throughout the season," he said. "Of course, there are always a couple that don't, but those who do and show growth over the season can really tug at your heart. I know exactly what you mean Buddy, and I think this is just a great idea."
The Council also addressed Ordinance No. 905, which regulates temporary vendor licenses and sales tax collection, was once again tabled after discussion was raised concerning the local Farmer's Market, and how to differentiate it from a vendor.
As the ordinance is written, vendors would not include yard sales, garage sales or lemonade stands that do not last longer than four days.
"We could just rename the Farmer's Market a garage sale," Councilor Carl Chapman offered.
City Attorney Sherman Romney said that he would re-word the ordinance to include the Farmer's Market in the exemptions of the ordinance.
'Welcome to Craig' signs were also discussed, and DeRose said that additional sign designs would be available at the next meeting.
In other Council news:
Approved a retail liquor license for Stockmen's Liquors at 573 Pershing St.
Approved a variance for a front yard setback for a fence at 2971 Pinion Circle for John and Carolyn Haslam.
Approved an off-street parking and landscape plan for an addition at 657 Green St. for St. Mark's Episcipol Church.
Approved an off-street parking and landscape plan for mini-storage buildings at Yampa Avenue and 4th Streets for Dennis Frederickson.
Approved Ordinance No. 906, adopting the 2002 Budget.
Approved a recommended fee increase for programs and pool admissions, equal to the cost of the operating increase.
Extended the closing date of Ironclad Trailer Park from Nov. 8 to Nov. 27, after landscape improvements were made and a deposit paid to lay asphalt.

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