State park officials create new e-registration program

New program eliminates need for middle-man


Daily Press writer
If the first snow unexpectedly hits and you don't have your snowmobile registered, don't worry, you can still take your machine out that day.
Colorado State Parks has made registering one's snowmobile available on the internet via e-Registration, available at
"You can fill out your registration just like you would if you went in to the park office," said Ron Dellacroce, state park manager in Hayden. "This service just takes out the middle man."
With e-Registration, a person can fill out the information online and print out a temporary permit, which can be used while they wait for their official permit to be sent in the mail.
All the information they need to fill out the information on the internet is available on their renewal card, which should have already been mailed to them, Dellacroce said. The only other information they will have to submit is a credit card number.
"What the state is trying to do is make the timing better, because the majority of people forget to send their registrations in," he said.
If you do it the conventional way, you have to figure three days for it to get to Denver, possibly a week to process it, and three days for it to get back, he said.
"The state's trying to make a push to solve this problem," he said.
Steven Hall, director of public affairs with Colorado State Parks, said the new method of registering was unveiled last spring for boat owners, but this is the first time information about it has been included in mailings for those looking to re-register.
"The snowmobile folks are the first to get notification and several 1,000 people are taking advantage of it," Hall said. "With this method, people can be registered as fast as the web browser will work."
"Colorado State Parks is really committed to making this as simple and accessible as possible."

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