Resident thankful for freedom


Resident thankful for freedom
To the Editor;
Enduring freedom
Two little words that say it all,
ENDURING FREEDOM shall not fall.
Many have fought
to preserve that thought.
A simple equation
that unites this nation.
Fear not the terrorist plot
Fear is exactly what they want.
Standing together this nation rebounds
with world assistance so very profound.
The enormity of their dastardly acts
have shown the world the terrorist pack.
To enslave the world by whatever means
their agenda to bring us all to our knees.
But enduring freedom shall prevail
even as its enemies beguile.

2001 attacks
America was stunned in two thousand and one.
Cowardly attacked by brainwashed maniacs.
Basic security breached by demonic freaks.
Be ever vigilant the President said
but return to normal makes the terrorist mad.

For the terrorist to win, they must make us fearfully cringe.
The Al-Qaeda terrorism has brought out America's heroism.
Our unwavering will transcends Al-Qeada's time table.
To this end we are proud to be Americans.
Tony Stoffle

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