Cornhusker fan eats crow


I was born and raised in Nebraska.
I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and have spent many, many weekends celebrating the wins of my Nebraska Cornhusker football team.
As one can imagine, this is somewhat unpopular with my Colorado friends and neighbors.
As you can guess, Friday afternoon I watched in complete amazement as my Nebraska Cornhuskers were mercilessly pounded by Colorado's Buffaloes.
What a pathetic display of football by the "Big Red."
But once a Husker fan, always a Husker fan.
I now have to show my face to all of my employees and friends who I taunted Friday morning with the Nebraska fight song.
I now have to swallow my pride, eat my crow, and act humble.
But be clear about one thing, it will only be an act.
An act because I know next year, my team will face Colorado and they will be ready to win.
Sometimes it takes a loss like Friday's to light the fire under a team that has been, let's just say, without constant challenges this year.
Their 11-1 record really speaks for itself.
I'll never forget Nebraska's loss to Colorado in 1990.
I was at that game and often remember it as the most miserable football game I've ever attended.
Not only because my team lost, but also because it was about 35 degrees and raining the entire game.
I could hardly walk back to my dorm because my feet were frozen.
I even skipped the post-game parties because there was little to celebrate.
After that loss, the Husker's program continued to build until they were national champions again in 1995 and 1996.
They then claimed the national title once again in 1998.
The team has consistently been ranked at the top of all college football programs.
To Friday's loss I can only say that "it will only make us stronger."
The Huskers must lose every 10 years to keep them on their toes.
So Colorado fans, I send this message to you all get ready for next year. Get ready for Nebraska, the sea of red and white, and most likely, miserable weather in Lincoln.
I know my Huskers will be ready to grill some Buffalo steaks.
And they like 'em rare.
(The views of Bryna Larsen are entirely her own, and in no way repeat, no way, reflect those of the Craig Daily Press staff.)

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