Buffaloes, fans greet win with style


Boulder was full of blowing horns, co-eds on the corners holding banners, and a multitude of fans as shocked with the Colorado win as Nebraska was with its loss.
I am talking about the scene in Boulder after the Buffaloes stormed to their biggest win of the season a 62-36 romp of the top-rated Nebraska Cornhuskers.
A game that will live in infamy at least for Nebraskans.
The scene was amazing, while at the same time reassuring.
Reassuring because through the whole evening only three people in the entire town of Boulder had to be pepper-sprayed by the police for unruly behavior.
This lack of violence only confirms what is already known Colorado fans are truly capable of handling a monumental win with class.
It has become commonplace in today's society to celebrate a historic day, such as the one Friday, with a citywide riot.
Complete with burning couches, and broken up only with tear gas.
Colorado has seen its fair share of trouble with fans who overstep the bounds in post-game celebrations.
One only needs to look at the antics of Denverites after the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup last spring.
Large bonfires of newspapers burned, while thugs jumped on cars and taunted the exiting Devils fans.
For the most part, it's not the fans who fall into the category of rowdy upstart.
It's those who have fueled up for a day in a bar without really caring about the game.
They seek out trouble afterward, and use the win as an excuse to tear up a town.
Colorado is not alone in the trend of fan violence.
Who will ever forget the thug force that all but committed a human sacrifice after the Lakers won an NBA Championship that ended a decade-long drought.
In my opinion, those few thugs make for some of the worst scenes in athletics.
To see other teams' players, fans and children intimidated does nothing but prove how little a team and their city deserves the win.
Watching fans tear down and vandalize their own city because of a championship is asinine, and only shows poor qualities by the townsfolk.
Luckily for Boulder, and the state of Colorado, Friday was one party that didn't have to be ended with tear gas.
The goal post came down in the south end zone, that was okay.
The fans turned the green grass of Folsom Field black with their Buffs' jerseys, and carried the players out of the stadium on their backs all acceptable behavior.
Police dotted the streets after the game looking for malcontents, but amazingly, didn't find any.
And the Huskers who traveled to Colorado for the game, were out on the town enjoying the only thing they could in Boulder after Friday's loss dinner and drinks.
In the Boulder bars and grills, those clad in black and gold merrily argued the downfall of the Huskers.
Those clad in red and white simply kept repeating, "Wait until next year."
Even the Denver news crews had set up shot on Pearl Street and the Hill, waiting for the ensuing violence which never came.
Sorry guys, no story.
It was not only reassuring to watch the Huskers get the beating they so badly deserved, but it was also reassuring to see a town handle it with style.

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