Team victories mean more than individual accolades


All-Conference honors awarded to the members of Moffat County High School's fall sports teams mean more than individual success. And, the community should be proud of these gracious students who would have traded it all for the team.
This past week it didn't seem like much to the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs who earned the conference and statewide accolades.
It didn't seem like they were as thrilled as they should have been, and it didn't mean as much as another goal most were trying to achieve team victories.
It seemed like the four girls honored as All-Conference and All-State in cross country seemed more interested in defending their state title, instead of individual glory.
In fact, senior Charlotte Steele said she didn't see her first team All-Conference and All-State honors as all that honorable, since she alone earned it and not her entire team.
All-Conference Honorable mention volleyball player Katie Telfer certainly wanted more than just individual honors, and she let it be known.
"I would trade in All-Conference in a second if we could have made the regional tournament," she said.
Senior Mike Charchalis, while pleased for being recognized as first team All-Conference in football, gave a sense that something else was missing from his senior year a winning season.
This down-playing is by no means a bad thing.
Athletes should be dissatisfied with All-Conference and All-State honors when they're looking for more looking for that winning season for their team.
It shows a great deal of dedication to their teams, and more importantly, their teammates, when an athlete doesn't find the satisfaction they desire from individual honors.
There are many people in the world who would never give a second thought to what's good for the team, not only on the field, but in workplace and other real-life situations.
This is not to say that the 16 athletes honored for the fall high school sports season shouldn't be proud of what they've earned. They should actually be welling with pride, not only for what they achieved on the field, but how they conducted themselves after earning the honors.
It is a pleasure to see young athletes, even in individual sports such as cross country, that are more concerned with how their team performed rather than self preservation. It is a measure of character, and these Moffat County High School athletes have great character.
It won't be the great individual performances or the honors receieved that an athlete will remember.
They remembers those they played the game with.
It's like every football coach I've ever had said, "No one person has ever won a game, and no single person has ever lost a game."
Which, in layman terms means it's all about the team.

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