Board continues search for superintendent


Daily Press writer
Three men will be asked to take an oath tonight at the Moffat County School Administration building.
At the 7 p.m. meeting, newly-elected board members Gary Ellgen, John Wellman and Rod Durham will take their new oaths of office.
"By law we are required to have an organizational meeting within 15 days of the election, to swear in new members," said Vicki Duncan, secretary for the Superintendent. "The regular school board meeting scheduled for Nov. 26 would have put us past that deadline."
Incumbents Ellgen and Wellman are not strangers to the oath of office. Durham will be the lone individual taking the oath for the first time.
After the members are sworn in, officers will be elected for the board.
Current School Board President Gary Ellgen cannot continue as president because of two-year term limits that are placed on members of the board, according to interim-superintendent Pete Bergmann.
A vice president will also have to be elected, due to the departure of board member Chuck Malley, who previously held the position.
At the conclusion of the elections, the newly-elected president will assume control of the meeting.
The board members will then hear a revised version of Policy 8341.
Policy 8341 is the "Let's Listen" policy, which was previously known as "Let's Talk."
"Let's Listen" is a portion of the board's meeting that is set aside for members of the community to voice their concerns about the district and ask questions of board members.
The school board and administration have been pushing the "Let's Listen" program, however, it has gone by the wayside in recent years.
Bergmann said committee assignments will also be made to each board member at the meeting, and each member is assigned to specific committees that they must work with and help monitor.
Examples of a few committees include school improvement, personnel performance and transportation.
The final item on Monday night's agenda is in regard to the search for a new superintendent of schools.
"I'm going to remind the board that they need to start considering how to conduct a search in a timely fashion so they can get the best candidates for the job," Bergmann said.

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