TWA put on notice for damages to airport runway

County to send letter, bill to airline for March mishap


The Moffat County Board of Commissioners sent a letter to TransWorld Airlines informing the corporation that they are liable for future repairs should the runway begin to show damage from the March 14 landing at Craig/Moffat Airport.

"We've sent them a bill for the agencies that had to deal with the emergency," Moffat County Administrative Services Director Debra Murray said. "We charged them $1,300 for the hours the Road and Bridge Department had to spend at the airport and for the time the Sheriff's Department put in handling the emergency. We also included with that bill, a letter letting TWA now we will be monitoring the runway, and any additional damage we discover, they'll be liable for."

It's not known whether the airline will pay some or all of the what the county has charged.

"Obviously, we're hoping they'll just pay the bill we sent them, but they might disagree with some of the charges we sent," Murray said. "We'll have to wait and see how they respond and deal with it then.

The letter was written by County Attorney Tom Thornberry, and keeps open the possibility of future costs being charged to TWA.

"What we are doing with the letter is putting them on notice that any damages we discover that are connected with the landing, they will be responsible for," Murray said. "It's possible some of the damage might not show up for a year or more, and we will be examining the runway to make sure it's safe and undamaged.

"We also let them know we would welcome them to examine with their own people if they choose to. We want to be fair about this process."

The Commissioners met Thursday. In other business, they:

Worked with Clerk and Recorder Beverly Johnson on revising the standard lease and lease requirements Moffat County uses for oil, gas and coal leases.

Set the agenda for the June 12 Routt and Moffat county quarterly meeting. The Commissioners plan to discuss how to treat forest receipt payments, the Beanpole project, airport and FAA issues and the proposed Elkhead Reservoir expansion.

Received an update on the county's search for a health physicist for an examination of the Indoor Arena. A Colorado State University professor and his assistants appear to be the most realistic option at this time.

Discussed the lack of feasibility proposals turned in concerning the National Guard Armory, and the possibility of buying it from the department of Colorado Military Affairs.

Visited the Moffat County Public Safety Center, toured some of the completed rooms and handed some of the last remaining change orders.

Heard a report from Dan Davidson, Museum of Northwest Colorado director, concerning a mineral rights issue and discussed the annual insurance renewal for the cowboy of gunfighter collection.

Heard a report from Jeff Comstock, natural resources director, on the progression of the fire plan work.

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