Nurse Reishus heads back to Belize


Hi, friends,

I'm packing up, getting ready to return to Belize after a very full four weeks in Colorado. It's been wonderful being with my family and friends (I wish I could take them back with me), but I am ready to return to my simple life in PG.

OK, this is the bragging mom part. Anna graduated from Regis University magna cum laude, double majoring in math and women's studies with a minor in elementary education. She will complete her student teaching in the fall. Dustin finished his second year at the University of Southern California with a 3.9 grade point average. He's majoring in computer engineering. And best of all, both my kids seem happy with their lives!

The community here in Craig, Colo., has been wonderful to me. I have mentioned that I need a bathroom built in my clinic in PG, but didn't have the funding. So they rallied and I am going back to Belize with more than enough money to build the bathroom, plus a digital camera so I can send back pictures of the progress! People are so kind and so generous, especially people who have donated money to the Belize fund at the First Congregational Church and a very, very generous man, who happens to be a plumber and the mayor of Craig. What a joy it is to have been part of this community!

Well, I visited my dentist, optometrist, doctor, financial advisor, accountant, friends, family, the schools, church, and everyone else I could fit in in this fast-paced lifestyle. I was especially happy to spend time with my "partner" Whitney, who is just blossoming at age almost-14.

All visits were great. But now I'm tired. I need to go home.

Love, Nurse Donna Reishus

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