Class of 1991 to hold reunion


The class of 1991 will be having its 10-year reunion on July 20-21 in Craig. Below is a list of people we cannot find. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these people, please call or e-mail one of the numbers listed:
Annie (Shultz) Nelson 970-824-6612
Kristy (Maddox) Webster
Chaeli (LeCompte) Mulholland 970-248-0836 or
We hope to see everyone in July.

-Chad Barber
-Mark Baxter
-Laura Bingham
-Stewart Bircher
-Matthew Cano
-Denise Conner
-Marcus Derick
-Corinna Durdick
-Gary Elliott
-Jason Epp
-Mindy Erekson
-Tisha Farrington
-Andrew Forrest
-Rick Furniss
-Donald Griffin
-Pat Grimes
-Vicki Gurr
-Christy Guthrie
-Bruce Hillis
-Cory Hultz
-Brian Jordan
-Kenneth Kawchack

-Alan Keithley
-Tanya Krieger
-Eric Lloyd
-Tamara McDaniel
-James Moore
-Walt Moyer
-Tom O'Brien
-Bret Peed
-Kenneth Potter
-Renae Raish
-Kyra Riley
-Wade Rudio
-Shastina Sikes
-Jeff Southwick
-Yvonne Stark
-Steve Vezie
-Mark Wade
-Richard Willingham

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