Local BBB member targeted by business phone scam


Thanks to a local BBB member business we are able to alert you to a scam that could affect your business today.


Last Tuesday the receptionist at a large business received a call from a person claiming to be with AT&T. This person said there was a problem with their line and asked the employee to press 9 and then 1-0-1-0-2-8-8 to allow them to check the line. Believing that the caller was from AT&T, the employee did just that several times during the day.

Fortunately, AT&T keeps an eye on its business accounts and noticed a number of long distance calls out of the country suddenly appearing on its account. A quick call to the company soon got the situation corrected and initiated a valuable lesson.


We called AT&T to get the correct information for you to avoid being victimized by this version of the "9-0-# scam."

This scam has been around for years and is always directed at businesses, hospitals, government agencies or other organizations that use telephone switching equipment called Private Branch eXchanges (PBX's) to handle calls.

The perpetrator of the fraud calls the office and cons an unsuspecting employee into transferring him or her to an outside line. The key is the number "9" followed by other digits. Your best defense against this and other fraud is education. These are the points about this scam to remember and teach your employees:

n An AT&T service technician will never call customers to have them help check phone lines.

n If you do receive a call from a telephone technician, ask for a call-back number or for the name and number of their supervisor and then you call them.

n In spite of variations of this scam being around for years and frequent publicity about it, there has been no increase in the number of fraud cases initiated meaning that businesses aren't reporting it.

n The best prevention against this type of fraud is for business managers to make their office staff aware of it and review what to do if it happens.

n Your Better Business Bureau urges you to report fraud it's better business for all of us!

Save and use these resources:

AT&T Business Customer Care Center 1-800-222-0400

Call for Action 1-800-647-1756 www.callforaction.org

National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060 or www.fraud.org

Federal Trade Commission 1-202-276-2222 or www.ftc.gov

Your Better Business Bureau 1-800-564-0370 or www.rockymtn.bbb.org

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