United Way exceeds $265,000 goal


Money donated to the Moffat County United Way is already making its way into the community, working to help many in a variety of ways.

And those good works are only possible through the generosity of the people in Moffat County.

"Our drive went really well," said Corrie Scott, director of Moffat County United Way. "Our budget was raised from $250,000, our first raise in three years, to $265,000 and the total we raised this year was $267,274.99."

As it is every year, some money donated was designated for a certain charity or agency, and those funds were passed directly onto the desired destination. A bulk of the funds are undesignated and are divided up between the many agencies the United Way supports, Scott said.

"Money that is meant for non-member agencies, like Advocates-Crisis Support Services, 4-H, the library or Maybell Ambulance, is forwarded right to them," she said. "Most of the money from the corporate matching funds are for the general fund, which allows us to fund all our programs, especially those with a lower profile, and cover our office expenses."

The three top donors this year were from companies that match employee donations dollar-for-dollar.

The top donor was Colowyo Coal Company, with $62,519.36. Trapper Mine was next, with a donation of $39,799, and Tri-State was third, giving $34,066.

"A small portion of these funds is designated, because some of the people who work here in Moffat County live elsewhere. We usually move $13,000 to $17,000 to Meeker for the Human Resource Council there from the Colowyo donation. About $4,000 of donations are sent to the Routt County United Way," Scott said.

John Harmon, general manager of Colowyo, said the decision to participate in the donation matching program was an easy one.

"This is money well spent. All of the programs that are funded by the United Way are necessary for the community," Harmon said. "I personally support the drive as well as giving through our program. It's a great way for us to share our good fortune with the community," he said.

Colowyo has participated in the donation matching program since the mid-80s, Harmon said.

Marie Ellen, co-coordinator for the Human Service Volunteers, said she couldn't offer any help without the United Way.

"The United Way funds our entire budget, outside of a couple of donations from some of the people we help, but those are minute compared to the United Way's help," Ellen said. "We are able to perform a great service for the community by driving people to out of town medical specialists or those that are too ill to drive at all. Without the United Way, these people wouldn't be able to reach their physicians."

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