Community to lose to giving people


To the Editor;

The Reglin family is moving. I know people move in and out of Craig all the time, but I wanted the community to know because the Reglins are people who contribute much without seeking to be recognized for their efforts. Debra has had several small businesses over the years, selling her stained glass, crystal wind chimes, and exquisite Victorian lampshades. She and John were foster parents before Shawna was born and Debra has been active in the American Cancer Society, in addition to being surely the friendliest face at Kmart. Shawna has attended Moffat County schools her entire life and has been active in school sports and the Sea Sharks. John worked at Colowyo for many years and became known around town as the "Bike Man" for the hundreds of bikes he restored and gave away to anyone who needed one.

So, if you see them, you might wish them well in Montrose, where I am sure Debra will immediately be meeting new people and becoming involved, John will again become known as the "Bike Man" and Shawna will be swimming for the competition!


Marti Reglin

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