Burglars plague Craig businesses

Five local businesses struck in four days


Within a five-day span, five Craig businesses were broken into.

Ken Meyer Auto Body, Eaton Auto Service, TNT Custom Body and Paint, Mountain Meats and Mathers' Bar were all burglarized.

Ken Meyer Auto Body was broken into Thursday night, but the shop suffered no major losses. The only items stolen were a savings account book, records, and a monthly statement with cancelled checks.

"The only thing I lost was time," Ken Meyer said. "I had to spend a whole work day dealing with this, and I make $44 an hour."

A person tried to use the account book to withdraw money from the savings account, but they were unsuccessful, Meyer said.

Two different attempts were made to withdraw funds, with the first being for $1,500 and the second for $2,000. The bank refused to do either, and a general description of the person and the vehicle were taken by the police.

Lee Aldridge, owner of Eaton Auto, which was hit the same night as Ken Meyer's business, declined to comment at this time.

Mountain Meats was burglarized on Friday night, but also suffered no losses, except for a broken window in the front door.

"It looks like they broke in, went through the meat plant and went back out," Carolyn Baysinger said. "We can find nothing missing, not even out of the front display case full of meats."

Baysinger said Mountain Meats makes regular night deposits, so there isn't money kept in the office. She said the police took fingerprints.

TNT Custom Body and Paint was the other Friday night victim. Manager Curtis Thompson declined to comment until the case had been resolved.

On Monday night, between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., while Mather's Bar was open, it was also victimized. The business office was broken into through a boarded-up window along the back of the building, co-owner Tom Mathers said.

"They took a jar that held $2,000 in gold $1 coins, if not more. They got $400 in singles, $680 in quarters and a Gateway computer tower," said co-owner Mike Mathers. "And, can you believe this, two tins of chewing tobacco."

The last time the bar was robbed was 1989, Tom said, and this time it's going to be handled a lot differently.

"Were quickly going to be making security improvements," Tom said. "The window is going to be filled with re-bar and concrete, and a solid steel door and jamb will be put in, among other things."

"These burglaries are possibly connected," said Capt. Jerry DeLong of the Craig Police Department. "We're still investigating these incidents."

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