City Council considers future of Ironclad Trailer Park tonight


A local trailer court may be shut down by the city if its owners are unwilling to meet the city's standards and abide by an abatement agreement.

The Ironclad Trailer Park, located at 1664 Yampa Ave., will be the center of attention tonight at the Craig City Council meeting, which starts with a workshop at 7 p.m. tonight in council chambers of Craig City Hall.

In an agreement signed more than a year ago, George May, manager of the Ironclad Trailer Park, said that city officials required him to make improvements to bring his park up to standards. Improvements, he claims, that are currently in progress.

"I think they're being jerks," May said, in reference to the Council's plans to discuss closing the park. "I'm putting up a fence like they asked, and now they want me to make sure that we have pavement in here. Look around the city, there are a lot of streets that aren't paved, but they want us to have pavement in the park. Does that make sense?"

May claims the Council is looking for reasons to close the park, and this abatement agreement is just another example of the city's strongarm tactics.

"They have offered to help residents get loans if they are forced to move, but I am not able to get a loan for improvements since they are threatening to close me down," he said. "I could have rented a lot yesterday, but who wants to move in if there's a chance of the park closing? I signed the agreement a year-and-a-half ago, and now they're giving us hassles."

In other business:

Carelli's will be seeking a renewal of a hotel and restaurant liquor license for a restaurant at 465 Yampa Ave.

A public hearing will be held to consider granting a hotel and liquor license to Trinidad C. and Sandra R. Loya for the Casa Loya Restaurant at 351 Ranney St.

A public hearing will also be held to consider the approval of a conditional use permit for a fire training facility for the fire department on Lot 4, in the Beyer Minor Subdivision on the 1100 block of Industrial Ave.

The Council will consider the second reading of Ordinance 900, which establishes a minimum elevation of new water taps below a water tank, and limits the maximum length of service lines from water mains.

The Council has heard from Bill Earley, Craig public works director, on the proposal and he believes that only one undeveloped lot in Doe Run will be affected by the proposed ordinance.

After more than four years of debate on distance-from-the water-tank issues, the issue should finally be resolved with tonight's final reading.

Tonight's meeting moves back to City Hall with the completion of duct-work construction. The Council held its last meeting at The Center or Craig.

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