Prescribed burn planned for White River National Forest


MEEKER, Colo. (April 25, 2001) The Forest Service is planning two prescribed burns this spring. Favorable weather conditions must exist. The burns are scheduled two occur during the next three weeks

One burn is in the Snell Rock Creek area north of Wilson Mesa and south of the National Forest Boundary. The burn targets approximately 1,875 acres of oak brush. The second burn will be in the Fawn Creek drainage, about two miles north of the White River and five miles southwest of Lost Park. About 1,000 acres of oak brush are targeted for burning in this area.

Both these burns are planned for ignition from the air. Small plastic balls will be dropped from a helicopter. The balls burst into flame after 25 to 30 seconds after being droppedigniting the grass, brush and leaf litter that they fall into. The remaining snowpack will be used to contain the fire from spreading in the desired areas on both burns.

The objectives of the burns are two-fold. First, wildlife habitat will be improved. The brush will re-sprout later this spring and the new sprouts and leaves will be more palatable for deer and elk than the older, existing brush. More grass production is expected for a period of about five years, The second objective is to reduce the likelihood of a large wildland fire spreading into, or out of, the areas. By burning the older, taller brush and replacing it with shorter and younger brush, fire control efforts will be safer and more effective if a fire were to staIt.

If you have questions or would like further information on these projects, pIease contact Mark Rogers at the Blanco Etanger District Office, 317 East Market Street, Meeker, Colorado 81641 or by phone at 970-878-4039.

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