Spring storm closes roads


A slow, steady late Spring storm left heavy, wet snow for many morning commuters, who were forced to once again dig out their winter coats and rubber boots.

Craig received .86 inches of precipitation, resulting in 3-4 inches of snow, most of which melted as soon as it hit the ground. The storm is part of a pattern that is slowly rotating over south-central Utah, and according to the National Weather Service (NWS) won't be leaving the area until late, tomorrow afternoon.

"This is a stationary front that doesn't appear to have any intention of moving anytime soon," said Gary Chancey, NWS spokesperson for the Grand Junction office. "There should be a gradual decrease in precipitation today, but we are going to see pretty much the same thing over the next 24 hours."

Gray skies and snow will dominate the skies over Craig throughout tomorrow afternoon, with temperatures remaining in the low-30s.

Since noon Wednesday, temperatures have remained steady between 30 and 33 degrees, which is the main reason for the existing slushy conditions.

"Whenever the temperature hovers near 32 degrees, as it has been over the last 24 hours, you're going to see this heavy, wet snow that holds a lot of moisture," he said. "It is pretty typical of what we see around here with the late-spring storms."

Craig may see another 2-3 inches of snow before the storm works its way out of the area. However, according to Chancey, the worst weather has already passed.

"We've got the majority of what we are going to see," he said. "If the temperatures stay low, there is a good chance that we will maybe see another 2-3 inches throughout this afternoon and overnight."

Skies should be clearing late tomorrow afternoon, with temperatures in the upper-50s to low-60s, and sunny skies returning by this weekend.

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