New policy causes misunderstanding in community


In a small town, rumors go faster than a bull into a pasture full of heifers. And one is circulating that is no different.

Each year, 40 to 50 Moffat County High School seniors receive scholarships. Some of those students earn up to 10 different scholarships.

Craig residents show up in fine form when it comes to supporting the secondary education of area youth. About 40 local groups award scholarships to youth totalling nearly $60,000 an amazing contribution from a community of our size.

The groups who raise the money are certainly deserving of praise and publicity, as well as the students who have worked so hard during their high school careers and earned the money to help pay for college.

The Craig Daily Press is dedicated to providing news that interests, educates and amuses Moffat County residents. Some stories raise hair on the backs of necks, and some bring a smile to faces. Others just show what a kind and generous community this is.

Reporting on those organizations who give scholarships and the students who earn them fits that category, which is why the Craig Daily Press has always, and will continue, to print award winners for free, but we need help to do that.

This paper doesn't have the resources to follow up on the scholarship awards of 40 to 50 students or the awards given by nearly 40 different local organizations. What we will do is provide the space, all we are asking is that the groups who give scholarships provide the information. All scholarship information will run for free on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis each Wednesday on the Education Page. Groups need only to mail, email, fax or hand deliver the information to the Craig Daily Press office. Groups are also welcome to submit pictures black and white, color, digital, slide or negative we can handle it all. Those groups who don't have the means to take their own photograph, but would like to include one, can make an appointment to bring their people to the Daily Press office to have a picture taken.

Some organizations want to choose where their information will run, what it will say and when it will be published. They also might want a bigger picture or a spot of color. Those people are welcome to purchase an advertisement in either the Craig Daily Press or the 2001 Graduation section. Purchasing an advertisement gives the buyer the final say on all the details something they don't get using editorial space.

But that is only an option, not a requirement. No organization is required to purchase and ad to see their generosity in print.

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