Lady 'Dogs suffer late-season strain on performance in meets


It's like the Lady Bulldogs' golf coaches are teaching math class things are adding up, and what they equal is fatigue.

Playing three courses in four days, plus attending prom on Saturday night, equated to an eighth-place finish in the two-day Grand Valley Invitational (GVI), and a fifth-place finish at their home course, the Bulldog Invitational.

Loveland won the GVI, and Eagle Valley took home first in the Bulldog Invitational.

Few MCHS golfer's were spared an increase in scores over the three different courses. Top Moffat County linkster Lindsey Scott went from an 84 at Battlement Mesa on Friday, to a 93 in Monday's Yampa Valley tournament.

"We're at that point in the season where school, athletics, and the girls' social lives all come to a head," said Coach Tom Dockstader. "Something has to suffer, and in a lot of cases it's going to be the girls' performances on the course."

Scott was not the lone victim of late-season fatigue.

Vanessa Wilson started the weekend by stroking an 87, and finishing it with a 105. She was battling a bout of influenze throughout both tournaments.

Melanie Peters seemed to be the only Lady 'Dog immune to the late-season strain. She found her game in the April 19 Montrose tournament, shooting a 90, and has remained staunch ever since.

Peters steadily improved from a 108 to a 94 between the three courses, taking a top 10 finish at Yampa Valley on Monday.

Laura Duran and Kristen Reid remained in the 100-stroke neighborhood, scores similar to what they have shot most of the season.

The Moffat County coaches are making a preemptive strike on the late season strain, combatting the lack of improvements they have seen on the last three courses. They cancelled yesterday's practice, and withdrawed from today's Montrose Tournament at Cobble Creek Golf Course.

"Regionals are only a week away, and we want the girls to go into it fresh," Dockstader said in reference to the cancelled Montrose trip.

Along with the withdrawal from the Montrose tournament, the team will also cut back the intensity of their practices, and let the girls catch their breath before heading into regionals.

Regionals will be the deciding factor of who goes to state. Five team slots are available, with seven to eight spots open for individuals from this region.

Moffat County remains in strong contention to send at least one team, and two or three individuals to state, Dockstader said.

He feels Montrose, Gunnison, Rifle, and Basalt/Roaring Forks will be the other teams biding for spots at state.

"We still have a real chance to send a team to state," Dockstader said. "Scott's pushed herself to make it, Vanessa's trying to make her third trip, and Melanie has a chance to shoot low, so we have a real good chance."

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