Craig Intermediate School awards Citizens of the Month


Each month at Craig Intermediate School, students are honored with a luncheon to commend them for their citizenship. The receive certificates for good citizenship and a bumper sticker. The award is based solely on the student's citizenship; good manners; caring for others and their property; honesty; responsibility, etc. Scholarship is not a primary criteria.

The month of April's honored students are:

5th grade
Chantae Cook
D. J. Cullen
Karmen Henderson
Rusty McCart
Jeszi Ortiz
Chet Peterson
Cassie Rogers
Lucas Rummel
Brenda Trevizo
Maggie Tucci
6th grade
Madelyn Attolini
Brentt Campbell
Catherine Compton
Bobbie Jo Freyling
Desiree Nugent
Sara Sanborn

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