Local government puts itself in spotlight


The Moffat County Board of Commissioners is expected to pass a proclamation celebrating the role of local government on Friday. A "yea" vote is expected to be on the resolution at the commissioner meeting Friday.

The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the commissioner's chambers of the Moffat County Courthouse.

The Board of County Commissioners will be joining more than 1,000 other counties in the United States in observing National County Government Week (NCGW) April 22-28.

NCGW is an annual celebration of county government held since 1990. The week is used to raise public awareness and understanding about the roles and responsibilities of the nation's counties. The week-long concentration is promoted by the National Association of Counties.

"The whole idea is to get people involved with their local government," said Debra Murray, Moffat County administrative assistant.

Murray said there may public tours of the partially constructed Safety Center and activities in the schools to celebrate the week.

"We would really like to get kids involved with government, possibly setting up booths for each [county] department. We'd probably spend an hour or so in the school, and make it a game-like atmosphere for the kids," she said.

A meeting on Thursday will clarify what activities will be recommended to the board to be ratified along with the proclamation.

Other business the Board will:

Consider renewing a liquor license for the bar in Massadona.

Hear recommendations from the Airport Advisory Board.

Review the comments from the Moffat County Youth Care Center Needs Assessment meeting.

Review the contract between the county and the Colorado Office of Emergency Management

Hold a discussion of CAPS contract for work release program through the county jail

Discuss three planning and zoning proposals

Review two intent to crill contracts for Tipperary Wells

Discuss a recent workman's compensation case in a safety workshop

Hear a private complaint to the Maybell Sewer Board.

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