Off-site automation for mail proves successful

Test shows local mail arrives on time


Three for three. Craig Post Office proved its case concerning automation. By delivering three letters that were mailed in Craig on Wednesday to their destinations by Thursday, the system that sends all mail in Craig, including local mail, to Glenwood Springs for automated sorting made a strong case for itself.

The letters were dropped into a local mail receptacle on Wednesday afternoon. Every letter was received at various locations in Craig and Moffat County the next day.

All of Craig's mail is sorted in Glenwood Springs, even local mail because the automated system is more efficient, Craig Postmaster Rick Ryan said.

"[Sending the mail to Glenwood Springs] does not affect the time it takes customers to get their mail," he said.

The automated system organizes mail so that it's pre-ordered and boxed, and the carriers can just grab their sorted routes and go.

The arguments made by Post Masters in Craig and Glenwood Springs appear to be correct: The automated sorting does effectively and efficiently sort the mail to be properly, and promptly, delivered.

Glenwood Springs' automated system began operating in September, and can sort 40,000 pieces of mail an hour at full speed. Ryan has been sending mail to Glenwood Springs since November.

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