Casino could help Craig's economy


I am a native Coloradan, having lived and worked in Craig for nearly 25 years. When I moved here, the construction on the plant was just getting underway. How that ever happened, I'll never know. About that time, there was talk of a vocational school. However, that was turned down because the fine folks here didn't want that kind of people coming to their town. Over the years there has been talk of a prison and several other businesses, but the town didn't want that kind of people here.

Now we have a chance to get something here that would bring money and jobs to our area.

We need a wake up call. At some point the ranchers and farmers are going to be out of business. (Guess we'll eat pretend food). The coal mines will be a thing of the past. The wave pool and the Grand Olde West Days will not support us.

We have a lot of positive things in Craig, but we need a shot in the arm to bring people in to spend their money.

Personally, I would like to see a group of stores like there are in Silverthorn, but if the Ute Indians want to come to Craig and build a Casino and put people to work, let them.

Jack and I raised five children here, this is our home and we love it. Three of the kids still live here and are raising their families. It worries me that my grandchildren may have to leave here when the time comes for them to have families, in order to find work.

People say gambling is morally wrong, well, so is drinking and smoking and probably eating chocolate. But don't try to protect me from myself. Let me be responsible for me. That's the whole problem with our country now, we are being so protected that we don't know how to make decisions for ourselves.

Do some positive research into this matter, get a better view of the whole picture and get input from the community, before we veto the whole idea.

Bobbie Peed

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