Youth tobacco use needs to be stopped, reader says


To the Editor;

There is currently a group of concerned citizens in Craig that are asking the City Council to pass a municipal ordinance (city law) that would prohibit youth under the age of 18 from possessing or using tobacco products. It is currently illegal in the state of Colorado for this same group of people to purchase tobacco products.

The group of people is called the Citizens for Healthy Children. I am a member of this group and am requesting your support in passing this important ordinance to protect our children from the devastating effects of tobacco. Did you know that cigarettes are more addicting than the drug heroin? There are many people who think it is okay for the children of this community to use tobacco products. Would these same people want the youth using a drug such as heroin? Probably not.

The irony of this is that nicotine is a harder habit to kick than one of the most deadly drugs that has ever been available.

This new ordinance will be introduced to the City Council at 7:30 p.m. today.

I am requesting that you take a couple of minutes out of your day to call a City Council member, the Mayor, or to e-mail the Craig City Manager, Jim Ferree to express your support for this youth tobacco ordinance. You can reach them by phone at 824-8151 or e-mail Mr. Ferree directly at If you email him, please request that your email be sent to the Council members.

If you have any questions about this ordinance, please feel free to contact me at my office at 824-7304, Ext. 12 or at my home at 824-4276. I would be happy to discuss this issue with you. Even if you don't agree with this ordinance for the youth of our community, I would be happy to provide additional information and to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your support on this important issue.


Mason Siedschlaw

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