Road, weather information hotline overhaul coming soon


Beginning Sunday, the phone number to get road and weather information will change. It will become two different numbers, and will be backed up by two Web sites. The old information number of (970) 824-4765 will be disconnected Sunday, and will be replaced by (303) 639-1111 and (877) 315-7623, which is a toll free call. Road and weather information will also be available online at and

"Ultimately, the general public will be getting the most accurate and up-to-date information from the 877 line," said Ruth Wade, communications supervisor for Troop 4B of the Colorado State Patrol. "We highly recommend that the public use this tool provided to them by the Department of Transportation (CDOT). The 877 line and the Web sites will be the most accurate sources statewide."

The State Patrol is gradually removing the responsibility for providing road and weather information from its department. CDOT will eventually run this service completely on its own.

The Craig Regional Communication Center's telephone number (970) 824-6501 should used only for non-emergency calls to the State Patrol, such as motorist assists, abandoned vehicles, debris on the roadway, traffic complaints, and other issues of that nature. All emergency needs should be handled by dialing 911.

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