Murder-suicide suspected in deaths of four


AURORA, Colo. (AP) A police officer, his wife and two children were found dead in their condominium on Thursday, victims of a suspected murder-suicide, authorities said.

The woman's two teen-age sons from a previous marriage slept through the shootings and awoke to find the bodies, investigators said.

Officer George Petrillo, 40, most likely shot his wife Carolyn Petrillo, 39, and their children Gabriella, 6, and Knight, 4, before shooting himself, police spokeswoman Detective Fran Gomez said.

Carolyn Petrillo's two sons from a previous marriage, ages 14 and 18, were asleep in the home during the shootings and discovered the bodies when they awoke in the morning, Gomez said. They called 911 and officers responded shortly after 9 a.m.

They are not suspects, Gomez said.

She did not know where in the condominium the bodies were found or where the teens were sleeping.

''Maybe they are normal teen-agers and sleep through everything. Maybe not hearing the shots saved their lives. It's hard to say,'' she said.

The teens' biological father was traveling to Aurora from his home in New York, Gomez said.

Investigators recovered a handgun they believe was used in the shootings, but Gomez could not say whether it was George Petrillo's service weapon. They also found a note, but Gomez didn't know what it said.

The bodies were removed from the condominium at about 5 p.m. and autopsies were planned Friday.

Beyond the police tape blocking off the second-floor apartment, two potted plants could be seen on the balcony, along with plastic chairs, toys and bikes for adults and children.

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