Moffat County basketball teams take time off


This weekend will be one of rest for the Lady Bulldogs and the Bulldogs boys varsity teams.

In fact, the only portion of the Moffat County High School basketball team that will see any action will be the boys junior varsity team, which begins play today in a small, home-court tournament.

Coaches Craig Mortensen and Blaine Corlett put their teams on a weekend hiatus after completing three weeks of hard-fought basketball, and in the girls case, a camp was thrown in as well.

"We were going to have a varsity tournament this weekend, but not enough teams showed interest, so it will be strictly junior varsity," Corlett said. "It's good that the boys have this break. After all the basketball they've played, they need it."

Moffat County boys went 4-2 last Friday and Saturday at the Rangley Tournament, and were able to do it with only five varsity players.

The boys' ranks were thinned in Rangley because many players headed off on their summer vacations. The small number of boys did give Corlett an opportunity to showcase what he feels will be his team's signature strengths heart and hard work.

"The boys played the tournament with a lot of heart. To win four out of six games in a tournament with only five guys is a testament to that," Corlett said. "In fact, I have a feeling that heart and hard work will be our trademarks this season."

Coach Mortensen and his Lady 'Dogs will take the weekend off after making a three-state road trip in less than a week.

Last Thursday, the girls traveled to Weber, Utah, for the Weber Tournament, and finished with a 3-2 record.

The only losses for the girls came at the hands of Skyline, Utah and Green River, Wyo., but Mortensen felt the teams were two of the better ones that the Lady Bulldogs have seen this summer.

After the Weber Tournament, the girls headed to Laramie, Wyo., for the University of Wyoming's team camp, which ran Monday through Wednesday.

The camp, which is arranged more like a three-day tournament rather than a basketball camp, pitted the Lady 'Dogs against 10 teams from across the nation. Of those 10, only two could hang with Moffat County.

"We got beat by Palmdale, Calf., and Sheridan, Wyo., which were both excellent teams," Mortensen said. "The girls are really coming along in the season and are starting to fit together as a team."

The one advantage Mortensen sees the girls bringing into the season, is a formidable amount of speed. Size, on the other hand, will still be their primary challenge.

"We still haven't found a team that's quicker than us, which is extremely important in keeping our game plan successful," he said. "Of course, there's always work to be done to get better, and just because were a fast team, doesn't meant we can be blind to the fact we'll be out-sized most of the time."

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