Gas prices continue to increase in Craig


To the Editor;

The headline on May 9 "Gas prices continue to increase in Craig" is certainly not news. We who have lived in Craig very long know this is just a regular occurrence. I guess that is the cost we pay for living in our fair city. I had to chuckle when I read Mr. Bennett blaming transportation cost for the high price of gas. I purchased gas in Vernal, Utah this week $.30 per gallon cheaper than in Craig and they have no rail delivery or pipeline. I also see the tanker trucks from the refinery in Wyoming rolling through Craig and gas selling cheaper in cities to the south.

If you want a newsworthy article have an investigative reporter find out who really sets the price of gas in Craig and why we have the second highest prices in the state.

We all will be watching for your headlines on this report.

Lewis R. Livingston

Longtime resident of Craig

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