Nurse Reishus returns to Punta Gorda


Hi, Everyone!

I'm back in Punta Gorda after a month in Colorado. It was wonderful seeing everyone even though I wish I could've spent more time visiting with family and friends. I am happy to be back here, although I do have interesting things to share.

First, it's been over 100 degrees most every day. The walls in my concrete house retain the heat even in the night like they are hot to touch! Apparently, critters grow well in the heat, because I have seen the hugest ever bugs, frogs, spiders and especially cockroaches! And they are everywhere, all the time! Even my shower frogs have gotten bigger!

The builder was supposed to start building the bathroom today, but as is typical in Belize, he didn't show up. I felt really let down, because he is also a friend and I thought he'd be more responsible. But, he showed up later in the day saying that because of the horrible wind storm we had on Sunday night, he was helping some ladies in his neighborhood put their roofs back on their houses. That storm was really weird, it blew in really fast, we had really strong winds for about an hour, then it was OK. Some Belizeans thought it was a tornado! Anyway, the bathroom will be started tomorrow ... I think.

I took one of my patients to the police today to file a complaint about domestic violence. I've known she has been beaten by her husband for about three months, because she talks to me and I've seen her bruises. She finally got the courage up to go to the police today. I stayed with her the whole time and couldn't believe how she was treated because her husband is friends with some officers. Luckily, the lady officer who took her statement was much more compassionate.

Well, I have to clear the mouse poop off my bed one more time before sleeping. Hopefully, I'll be in my new house in about seven weeks. I got the title (Deed of Conveyance) last week and need to hand carry it to Belmopan for the government stamp. I hope to go there when the teenagers from the First Baptist Church of Craig are there on their mission!

More later,

Nurse Donna Reishus

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