Convenience store faces temporary loss of liquor license


A local business is in jeopardy of losing its liquor license for a minimum of seven days if the Craig City Council decides tonight that its repeated citations for selling alcohol to minors has gone too far.
Loaf and Jug, located at 2401 W. Victory Way, has been cited by the Craig Police Department three times in the last three years for selling alcohol to minors.
"This is not the first time that this has happened, so Chief Vanatta felt it would be best if the Council looked at taking action against the store," City Clerk Shirley Seeley said. "There are a number of possibilities, from being fined to losing their license. The Council also has the authority to take a portion of sales during the days that the license is suspended, so it is up to them to decide their fate."
According to Lt. John Forgay of the Craig Police Department, Loaf and Jug has been warned repeatedly about the infractions.
"As far as the convenience stores go, they have shown a continual problem," he said. "Most everyone else has gotten the point by now, but they seem to keep repeating the violations. Had they initially dealt with the problem, it wouldn't have had to come to this."
The Council meets at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Craig City Hall.
The Council will also consider Resolution No. 7, which authorizes the City of Craig to purchase property from Union Pacific Railroad Company. The property is approximately 6,250 square feet, or 50 feet by 125 feet, and will be used by the city to exchange for property that will be used to make Industrial Avenue a through street.
Union Pacific originally offered to sell the land for $10,000. The city responded with a counter offer of $7,000, which was accepted.
In other business the Council will:
Consider Ordinance 901, which vacates a portion of 9th and Breeze Streets.
Consider the renewal of the tavern liquor license for Mather's Bar, Inc. at 420 Yampa Ave.
Consider a requested variance for a front yard setback for the construction of a garage at 2125 Baker Dr., for Dennis and Becky Otis.
Consider a request for a front yard setback for the construction of a garage at 143 E. 8th St., made by Paul Hackett.
Consider a request for a front yard setback at 181 Barker St., made by Thomas Whiffen for the construction of a covered porch.
Consider a request for front yard setback for the construction of a covered deck at 801 E. 12 St., by Randy Foster.
Consider a request for a variance for a rear yard setback sought by Jeff Comstock for the construction of a garage at 3815 Exmoor Rd.
Consider approving a sketch plan for Willow Creek Subdivision as requested by Don Christensen.
Award a bid for the 2001 asphalt overlay project, as well as the bid for the 2001 curb, gutter and sidewalk project.

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