CIS awards Citizens of the Month


Each month at Craig Intermediate School, students are honored with a luncheon to commend them for their citizenship. Students are awarded certificates for good citizenship and a bumper sticker is presented to the parents and student. The award is based solely on the student's citizenship; good manners; caring for others and their property; honesty; responsibility, etc. Scholarship is not a primary criteria.

The students honored were:
5th Grade
Kelsey Conci
Karl Griffin
Michael Lefler
Mackenzle Maneotis
Samantha Merret
Dillon Monahan
Cesar Orona
Ashley Pacot
Sharina Simpson
Lindsey Stehle-Doehling
6th Grade
Jacob Breslin
Andy Cortez
Erik Dodds
Jacquelyn Kinder
Elizabeth Lester
Donna Look
Jordanna Miller
Jamie Montes
Mark Oxley
Whitty Showalter

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