Nurse sends salutations from Belize, Punta Gorda


To the Editor;

Hi Everyone!

OK, here's a good one for anyone who has ever been upset with the electric company ... Because of the rainy season, there are times when we don't have electricity or phone service. Usually that doesn't last more than a couple hours at a time. Wednesday when I got home from work, the electricity was off. No big deal, except when it got dark and my neighbors all had light and I didn't, I started to wonder. I went next door and my neighbor told me that the electric company came to my house and cut off service to my house that morning. Then I remembered ... I didn't get a bill last month, so I went into the electric company office in June and they said my bill hadn't been calculated yet. I went back a week later and was told the bill still wasn't ready. By then it was the beginning of July, so I assumed they would put May and June together on one bill. Silly me! They just cut off my service without telling me! So I paid the bill immediately Thursday, along with the reconnection fee, of course. And because of the poor quality of my refrigerator, everything spoiled, so I had that to contend with as well.

By the way, did I mentioned that I can buy cut up, frozen chicken now? Can anyone tell me why they include the feet? Just wondering...

So far, the worst storms are at night. I have never heard and felt such loud thunder and seen such a display of lightening in my life. Most of the town was flooded on Saturday morning from the rains Friday night. The bugs continue to grow and multiply; two of my friends have been diagnosed with malaria this week.

I continue to be content, busy and well. Hope you all are, too.

Love, Nurse Donna

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