Little Britches season comes to end at Maybell


For Troy Vernon, Friday and Saturday's rodeo in Maybell meant he'd earn a fourth place in flag racing, but more importantly, it started his countdown to the Little Britches finals, which will be held in Colorado Springs at the end of the month.

This will be Vernon's first time attending the finals, as he qualified in the flag-racing event. Although he qualified last year, he was unable to participate in the event because of extenuating circumstances.

"I've been warming my horse up all year for finals," the 10-year-old cowboy said. "It's a pretty big deal that I've made it this far."

Vernon was not the only top finisher at the season wrap-up in Maybell, as 10 other local cowboys and cowgirls placed in prize-winning positions. This is really no surprise, though, since the Maybell rodeo gives awards to the top-seven places.

"Little Britches usually only awards the top-four places," Maybell Rodeo organizer Cindy Simpson said. "Maybell gives the kids who usually don't place a chance to win a prize."

Though the prizes for the lower places were not as extravagant as the top-of-the-line saddles that Maybell gives for overall finishers, they were prizes nonetheless.

"We try to give the kids something for placing, even if it's a horse bush or something along those lines," Simpson said.

Vernon will not be alone when he travels to Colorado Springs. In fact, he will be joined by nine other local rodeoers in their quest for saddles and belt buckles.

Included in the mix of finals qualifiers, is last year's Overall Junior Cowgirl, Tia Brannan, who this year will compete in the senior girl's section of the rodeo.

To qualify for the Little Britches Finals, a cowboy or cowgirl must have placed in the same event in two different rodeos, throughout the course of the year.

Though this is what is required to qualify, a rodeoer can also automatically make it in the short-go round by accruing five, first-place finishes, or being in the top five for averages.

The short-go is the final round of a rodeo, and the round which determines who will be the overall winner in a certain event.

"It's extremely hard to automatically qualify for the short-go, especially with the level of competition that we have around here," Simpson said. "It's equally as hard just to qualify for finals, for the same reason."

Little Britches Maybell Rodeo
Rodeo 1
July 13-14
Senior Girls
Name Events Place
Tia Brannan Breakaway 3
Goat tying 6
Trail Course 4
Junior Girls
Shamra Simpson Brakaway 3
Barrel Race 4
Goat tying 2
Poles 6
Sharina Simpson Barrel racing 5
Dally Ribbon 2
Whitney Showalter Trail Course 5
Dally Ribbon 2
Junior Boys
Kyler Scott Flag racing 7
Troy Vernon Flag racing 4
Shayne Zimmerman Goat tying 3
Kyler Scott Flag racing 7
Ronce Moon Flag racing 5
Brandon Whitaker Goat tying 7

Rodeo 2
July 14-15
Senior Girls
Name Events Place
Tia Brannan Barrel racing 7

Junior Girls
Subrina Showalter Breakaway 1
Barrel racing 6
Goat tying 5
Dally ribbon 6
Shamra Simpson Breakaway 2
Barrel racing 5
Dally ribbon 2
Goat tying 7
Sharina Simpson Barrel racing 5
Poles 3
Dally ribbon 3
Junior Boys
Brandon Whitaker Goat tying 7
Dally ribbon 6
Rance Moon Flag racing 5
Nate Moon Flag racing 6

Little Britches Rodeo Finals qualifiers
Tia Brannan
Brandon Whitaker
Shamra Simpson
Sharina Simpson
Whitney Showalter
Subarina Showalter
Troy Vernon
Tori Zimmerman
Shayne Zimmerman
Sarah Flemming

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