Sheriff wants to stop youth tobacco use with ordinance


To the Editor,

There will be a group asking for a workshop with City Council to present facts about tobacco use among teens and health issues relating to tobacco use. The ultimate goal of this community-based group is to obtain a City and County ordinance to make it a criminal offense for minors to possess and use tobacco products.

As Sheriff of Moffat County, I support this group's initiative and would also ask the Council for their support. I know it is a long process and there will be citizens both for and against this type of ordinance, but I believe we are merely closing a loophole in the existing laws. It is illegal for minors to buy tobacco products and it is illegal to provide tobacco products to minors, but it is not illegal for a minor to possess tobacco products.

We have a responsibility as community leaders to address health issues facing our community. I believe tobacco use among our youth has grown in popularity. I have seen more kids smoking and I am alarmed at the growing numbers of our kids using cigarettes. That's why we have a need for an ordinance both in the City and County.

I will be attending these meetings and workshops and will be available to answer any concerns or questions you may have.


Buddy Grinstead, Sheriff

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