Commissioners walk through courthouse reorganization

Vacated office space provides county the opportunity for streamlining, shifting departments


Daily Press writer
The county has a need for office space and, with the Moffat County Sheriff's Office's move to the Public Safety Center, that space is now available. Additional working room has given the county the opportunity reorganize the offices to improve efficiency and cooperation.
On Friday, the Commissioners did a walk-through of the courthouse, reviewing several options on where departments should be moved and how the present configuration of the building could be changed to handle any moves.
"We knew we were going to move the offices after the Sheriff's Office space opened up, and we need to develop a plan on how the Courthouse should be organized," Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos said. "We need to look at where things need to be how to be more efficient with the space and our staff, and what space and equipment can be shared."
There are several interlocking options that are proposed, including creating commissioner offices in the basement in either the west or east end, or off of the south hallway. The commissioners' secretary could also move down to that office space, allowing for the commissioners hearing room to be expanded. The planning department might be moved into one of those areas, or into office space on the second floor. Accounting could also be moved downstairs, and the Motor Vehicle Department could share space with the County Clerk's office. Elections would be given a separate office.
"We need to look for efficient utilization of space," Moffat County Commissioner T. Wright Dickinson said. "Everything needs to be on the table, and then we can look how to shuffle the offices and rooms."
Almost all options will require some construction such as moving walls, and building emergency exits and accesses for the disabled. Some areas will also need improvements in decor including new carpeting and lighting or painting and paneling.
According to Moffat County Commissioner Les Hampton, the next move is with the accounting office, and then the next steps could progress as space is opened up with each move.
"The next to move is accounting, and once we've identified the space and configured it, then we can organize the next space," he said. "I'm struggling with creating a master plan, because every department wants to expand, and that just can't happen."
In other business, the board
Accepted the bid from The Print Shop, Inc. for stationary and mail supplies for 2002.
Passed Resolution 2001-61, the final supplemental budget resolution for the 2001 budget. The supplemental budget included $10,350 for the upgrade for accounting software, a total of $17,241 from various accounts to cover the Parks and Recreation Department's utility bills, and a complete accounting of the Social Services Department's budget from state, federal and county expenditures.

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