Funds are foundation of Philanthropy Days

Event helps non-profit groups receive more money


Non-profit organizations, charities and government agencies are in constant need of funds. Organizers, volunteers and public officials often create budgets with few funds, hoping that more money will appear in the course of the year.

One way these budget magicians pull the rabbit out of the hat is by requesting funds through grants and foundations. This year, instead of going to those grantors looking for money, those foundations will be coming to Craig.

This September, the first Philanthropy Days will be held in Craig and Steamboat. Philanthropy Days is a two-day event that brings together private and public funding sources with communities and agencies.

"This is the first year our region has gotten involved, and we get to host the event. Besides the actual events, there'll be information on new trends in philanthropy, and technology, and how nonprofits can benefit from the tech age," said Corrie Scott, director of the Moffat County United Way. "This will be very beneficial to the community. After every year, the communities that are involved in these events are surveyed, and they see an average of $500,000 to $700,000 in sustained funding.

People and organizations looking to fund capital projects, education, mentoring projects or health and human services projects a wide variety of subjects dealt with by 501c3 organizations and the government equivalents can participate.

The registration deadline for Philanthropy Days is Monday.

Next week, for those who have an interest in meeting the funders attending in September, there will be opportunities to learn what to do, how to do it, and why. Each of the five counties involved in this year's events Moffat, Routt, Grand, Rio Blanco and Jackson counties will host one of these training seminars.

"These programs will teach organizations how to talk to these foundations. The events are what's labeled pre-event training they're to educate you how to best use the time you have, to ask the right questions," said Audrey Danner, executive director of the Yampa Valley Partners. "It's how to present what I call an elevator speech what you should tell a funder about your organization in 30 seconds."

During the training, there will be presentations and forums by Jeff Pryor of the Anschutz Family Foundation of Denver and Linda Duhon of the Community Resource Center of Denver. The discussions will cover subjects such as benefits to funders and the communities, perceptions of rural, expectations for the event, principles of philanthropy, types of funders, strategies and follow-up issues.

For more information or to register, call Cindy Biskup at 824-5752, or Corrie Scott at 824-6222.

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