Co-ed softball to play final games of season


How is a softball tournament won? According to Sherma Ray, member of the co-ed division's defending champions the R-Team, all you need to do is go out and play.

"We won it all last year, but I really don't know how," she said. "We just go out, play ball and have a good time."

Saturday the Loudy-Simpson Park fields will be crawling with men and women for the Craig Softball Association's co-ed championship tournament.

Having just one division play for the championship in one day marks a change in how the tournament has been run in the past. In the past, the mens, womens and co-ed softball divisions played their championship tournaments all on one weekend.

"We decided to change the format of the tournament and give each division a day of its own, because when we ran all three simultaneous, many times we wouldn't get off the fields until 1 a.m. to 2 a.m.," Softball Associations Treasure Rob Rozzano said.

The softball tournament will be jockeying for position against the Triple-Crown baseball tournament, since they to will both be utilizing the Loudy-Simpson facilities this weekend. Rozzano said the Triple-Crown's presence will do nothing more than add more spectators to the crowd, and not interfere with the softball tournament.

"The field and parking lot should be full on Saturday, no doubt. But we have the fields worked out so both the softball and Triple-Crown tournaments won't be affected," he said.

The tournament itself is a basic double elimination, with the loser's bracket still being able to win the championship, but it will take a lot more games to do so.

The tournament field is composed of nine teams, which are seeded according to the end-of-the-year standings. This year, the top three seeds are Eye Care Specialities, Mooners and the R-Team.

In the end, the tournament's winners will be able to walk away with a trophy, and the bragging rights until next August.

"We don't care how we finish up," Ray said. "We're just happy to be playing in a fun city league, in a fun tournament."

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