Expressing one's opinion is the right of every citizen


To the Editor;

This is in response to Rebecca Tochtrop letter on April 2.

Expressing my opinion is my privilege. I am not trying to force gun control, I believe that everyone has the privilege to own a gun. But, lets make it harder for criminals and children to buy guns.

It is only a privilege to own a gun and only a privilege to live in the United States.

I asked Swap Shop to please limit selling guns on their program to just hunting rifles, no hand guns or semi-automatic weapons. I am sure if criminals or children want a gun, they can buy one from a irresponsible person who thinks it doesn't matter or care. Let's keep Craig safe.

If we all don't be responsible and care, we better watch our backs.

As for criminals not likely to buy guns off of Swap Shop, how do you know? Who does background checks when selling their guns?

As for violating the law-abiding citizens privilege to buy a firearm, I did not state that people can't buy a firearm or sell them, but be law-abiding citizens in doing so. That is your right!

My opinion was not to discredit Swap Shop, but to assert the danger of selling guns without background checks. I apologize to Swap Shop for any misunderstanding concerning my opinion or statements.

E. C. Day


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