Schools district makes administrative change

Ridgeview Elementary principal promoted


Technology, testing, and putting children first, are three areas that Pete Bergmann sees as important to the future of Moffat County Schools.

Bergmann is replacing Janet Bohart as the school district's director of curriculum and staff development.

Bohart will be retiring at the end of the school year.

"It is going to be tough trying to fill Janet's shoes," Bergmann said. "She has been a terrific model, and has done a super job setting the bar and maintaining a high level of standards in the district. I hope that I can continue with some of the great things that she has started."

Outside of testing, Bergmann sees the issues children bring to school as being foremost in furthering the education of "at-risk" students.

"It is important that we address the issues that children are facing in today's society," he said. "We need to create a balance in our schools today balancing the needs of children by quite often fulfilling the roles that a dual-parent role used to fill in the home.

"With many families only having one parent present, it is important for our teachers to sometimes assume the role and void that can leave for students. They need to know that someone genuinely cares about them."

Bergmann believes that teamwork between administrators, teachers, parents and students is essential to the learning process that children must go through to attain maximum growth.

"When we can get parents to volunteer in the classroom, it helps everyone involved," he said. "Research shows that when parents and teachers work as a team, the child's educational and emotional growth is advanced. We have to maintain, and even improve in this area for our schools to reach their true potential."

Bergmann, who is currently the principal at Ridgeview Elementary School, has been active in almost every educational role. He has been a high school teacher, coach, activities director and department head.

"Pete is going to do an outstanding job for us as our staff and curriculum director," said Duane Wrightson, Moffat County School District superintendent of schools. "In the 28 years that I have been superintendent, Pete has been one of the best elementary school principals that we have ever had. The experience that he brings to the job is going to be essential, because he will have a familiarity with what is needed on every level of education in the district."

The direction that Bohart has guided the district in over her tenure is something that Wrightson feels can only get stronger with Bergmann on the job.

"Janet is a remarkable woman, and has been terrific for the district," he said. "She has implemented a testing program that has got Moffat County Schools up to speed with the rest of the state and the nation. Her leadership and initiative are going to be greatly missed."

According to Bergmann, the changing face of education is something that teachers, parents, administrators and students all must face together if they are to attain their educational goals.

"It is essential that we stay on top of everything that is changing in education," he said. "We can't always fix society's problems, but we can do our best to make sure that our schools remain a safe, effective learning environment where our children can continue to grow."

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