Nurse Reishus says hello from Belize


To the Editor;

Thanks for all the e-mails; it's like coming home from work to a wonderful dessert every day!

First, about building the bathroom at the clinic... there is a lot more governmental red tape than I ever imagined. So, I've decided to ignore it (the red tape, that is) and continue on without all the approvals they want.

The women's group funding the bathroom told me to JUST DO IT. So I've gotten estimates talked to contractors and hopefully we'll have a new bathroom with running water soon.

I have been doing more home visits in the villages again, tending to the housebound elderly and post-operative patients. I am humbled by how simply these people live and how physically hard their lives are. I love my time in the villages; the only sounds I hear are chickens, dogs and kids. I did see a bright green snake, about 7 to 8 feet long. It covered the whole width of the road we were on ... and then some!

I was asked to give a talk about STD's to the Belize Defense Force (their army) last week. At the last minute they cancelled because they had a "stand off." I assume that had to do with the continuing dispute over the border line between Guatemala and Belize. Guatemala keeps trying to edge its way over here; the dispute has been going on for years.

On a personal note, I'm making many new friends and am negotiating to buy my own home here. We'll see ...

Keep communicating! Happy Easter!

Nurse Donna Reishus

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