Steamboat Springs sends flurry of goals at Moffat County


Tuesday's cold front swept through the Yampa Valley, sending chills across the mountains and plains.

But, the chills from wind and snow paled in comparison to the ones sent by the Steamboat Springs Lady Sailors soccer team in its 10-0 defeat of Moffat County.

"We did not enter the Steamboat game ready," coach Eric Johnson said. "We walked on the field the defeated I was not looking for us to play like that."

The Lady Bulldogs suffered the loss in Steamboat amidst flurries, which eventually turned into a full snowstorm. The weather deteriorated to such a state that the junior varsity game, which followed the varsity game, was called early in the second half.

The weather was a concern for Johnson, because the threat of injuries increased, but it was not an excuse for the teams loss, he said

According to Johnson, Moffat County regressed both technically and mentally against the Lady Sailors.

Steamboat (6-1-1) scored a goal in the first minute of the game the third first-minute goal scored in the past three Moffat County games.

The Lady Sailors also proved why they are ranked No. 10 in the state when they scored six more goals, making the score 7-0 going into halftime.

Moffat County made a early stand in the second half, holding off Steamboat, but they succumbed to a relentless Lady Sailors offense attack, allowing three more goals.

The girls made several attempts to piece together their own attack on Sailor soil, but the damage had already been done, and Moffat County remained skunked all afternoon.

"What I feel the worse about is that we have the potential to win our first conference game ever this year," Johnson said. "I've had coaches from around the conference tell me that this is the best girls team that Moffat County has placed on the field. We just don't go out ready to play."

A gmae Thursdaym against Rifle game represented the middle of the girls soccer season, and the beginning to what Johnson says will be an easier part of the schedule.

"Starting this week, we have the opportunity to salvage our season," he said. "We have the difficult teams in our past the Glenwoods and the Steamboats and will play teams which are potentially beatable."

Of the next three teams the Lady 'Dogs face, only one with a conference win is Battle Mountain.

Battle Mountain defeated Moffat County Saturday. The game was tied until the last 10 minutes, when two Battle Mountain forwards scored three unanswered goals.

Rifle (2-2-0), sits fourth in the conference race, and holds a few weak points Johnson plans to exploit.

Rifle is physical team who is eager to attack straight up the middle of the field, making them prime for an off-sides trap.

Like its name hints, the off-sides trap is designed to draw a team offsides, which allows a free kick on the penalized team field.

"We should eat Rifle alive with the offsides trap, but it will all depend on what sort of attitude we come to play with," Johnson said. "If we come out like we did against Battle Mountain, and play with confidence we'll do alright. If we come out like we did last night against Steamboat, we'll be the team getting eaten alive."

The game is schedule for 4 p.m. Thursday at Rifle.

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