MCHS batters fall to Sailors


A loss in the district tournament would be hard, and one in the state tournament would be even harder.

In the regular season, though, the one game that would make the Bulldogs feel as though they dropped one of those tournament games, is the one they play against rival Steamboat Springs (1-4-0).

"In my mind, it's the worst game to lose all year," senior Mark Turner said.

The game came down to an overwhelming second inning, in which Steamboat scored three runs off of three hits, giving the Sailors a two-run advantage over the Bulldogs.

Moffat County (2-4-0), battled back all afternoon, but never reclaimed the lead, and the game ended in the Sailors favor 6-5.

The game was not lost by a lack of Bulldog hitting they hit solidly for most of the game, but they usually hit the ball right to a fielder.

"That's what probably gave us the most difficulty in the game," Coach Kip Hafey said. "We'd hit the ball hard, but it would go straight to a fielder."

The amount of ground outs and fly balls by the 'Dogs left their offense in limbo for most of the game, as they were unable to move runners ahead or drive home any runs.

In seven innings, the 'Dogs left 10 runners stranded on base.

The pitching turned out to be an up and down affair, as Moffat County was represented in the first four innings by Turner. He was relieved in the fifth-inning by junior Shane Burum.

Burum was pulled after facing two batters, and allowing a double and a single. Senior Rob Satterwhite was called from behind the plate to relieve Burum, and finished the game for the 'Dogs.

The season debut of Satterwhite as a pitcher turned out fairly well for Moffat County, as he finished the day with four strikeouts.

"The pitching, though it had some sticky points, was working well for us all day," Hafey said. "What really killed us was messing up the routine plays that the pitching developed for us. You can't expect to win games if you don't turn the routines."

A double-header against Battle Mountain, scheduled for 1 p.m. this Saturday at the Craig Middle School field, is where Hafey hopes his players will begin their winning streak.

Battle Mountain is the type of team that offers the 'Dogs a chance to get its program back on track. They now sit at the bottom of the Western Slope Conference standings.

As they head into the next game, the Bulldogs won't tinker with too much of their game plan.

The only place where Hafey sees having to make changes is within the batting order.

"It's early enough in the season that we still have a shot at the districts and state, but we've got to start out this next weeks game tough and get on a winning streak," Hafey said.

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