One Democrat throws in hat for commissioner seat


The race for the first district County Commissioner includes candidate Willy Georgiou.

Georgiou has lived in Moffat County for his whole life, formerly a rancher Georgiou now owns his own contracting business and is a licensed outfitter. He has been married 12 years to his wife Michelle from Grand Junction, together they have raised their 5-year -old son Dario.

His desire to be county commissioner stems from his love for Moffat County and his belief that he bring some fresh ideas to the position.

"I want to serve Moffat County," said Georgiou. "I believe that I can bring some new ideas to the table and look out for the interests of its residents."

Georgiou believes his background will help him represent both the agricultural and business interest of the county.

"My background in the ranching business and my current contracting business has allowed me to see the issues that face both the agricultural and business owners in the area," said Georgiou. "I have no desire to pursue any higher level of politics after County Commissioner. this allows me to focus on my only goal, to protect the interests of Moffat County."

Speculating in to the near future Georgiou believes that one of the largest issues facing the Moffat County Board of Commissioners will be the Federal government's attempt at conducting business within the boarders of Moffat County and trying gain control of the land and the natural resources. He points to the recent petition to expand Dinosaur National monument as an example.

"I am completely against something like this taking place," said Georgiou. "I believe that it will be one of the largest issues facing Moffat County in the future. I don' believe that the federal government should be able to come in and do what they want withing Moffat County. We stand to lose a lot of revenue unless were able to put a stop to it. We need to secure more revenue for Moffat County."

Moffat County's ranching tradition and the businesses of Moffat County have to be protected, according to Georgiou.

"We have to protect both the agricultural and the business resources we have here," said Georgiou. "There are ways that both sides can work together to benefit Northwest Colorado and to insure that both stay strong."

Georgiou is a strong believer that the interests of Moffat County are best served by protecting them from within County lines. He believes that only a direct threat or chance to benefit to the interests of Moffat County would require traveling away from Moffat County. Georgiou would like govern Moffat County from within the walls of the Moffat County Court House, not from miles away.

Growth of Moffat County is another issue that will continue to face Moffat County in the future, according to Georgiou. Georgiou believes the negative side effects associated with growth can be eliminated with pro active planning and that Moffat County can protect its unique way of life while reaping the benefits of growth.

"I believe that if done correctly, and monitored growth can be positive for this area," said Georgiou. "I think we can change it into a positive force for the area."

Georgiou is a strong believer that by owning his own business he will be able to better serve the constituent of Moffat County.

"By owning my own business I can dedicate the time that is necessary to do the job," said Georgiou. "As young as I am, I feel that I will bring some new ideas and can make a change."

Georgiou's run for commissioner is motivated by his devotion to the area and its residents.

"I just love Moffat County," said Georgiou. "I like what we have here and I want to help protect what we've got."

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